「Parking」 In Your Bag-MOMO scooter

Along with the continuous progress of modern science and technology, traffic pressure is also constantly increasing. Accordingly, the pressure of urban travel is very big, especially in the rush hours of urban travel, traffic jam is easy to occur. In this case, electric scooters and motorcycles are undoubtedly more popular. In the end, these two kinds of transportation are smaller and convenient, so it is better to deal with traffic jams.

However, in domestic metropoles, electric scooters on the market do not play a significant role. In this context, MOMOteam developed a mini folding electric scooter to cope with the difficult problem of urban travel, which can be "parked" and carried, which is very convenient and fast for urban travel.

This mini folding electric scooter is The Magic Scooter.

The design material of the body is very light, the design concept is also very avant-garde fashion, foldable, but also can save time, the weight is only 9.9kg, equivalent to half of the electric scooter on the market.

However, there will be many people who doubt the load capacity of this folding electric vehicle, thinking that such a small electric vehicle will not be very strong, but don't look at it is so small, it can withstand 100kg of weight, the range is also able to meet the average short commute.The appearance of small demon scooter is the weapon that goes to work gens, can carry in need not worry. Functional convenience and high appearance level, who wouldn't want to own such a folding electric scooter?


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