After-sale policy

I. warranty contents




Return of the rules Return goods for no reason within 7 days (the secondary sales will not be affected, and the cumulative mileage is less than 2KM)
Rule of repair Within 30 days (merchant bears freight)
Within 30-90 days (freight AA)
After 90 days (assumed by buyer)
The warranty rules A. Main engine warranty for 1 year (non-human factors) : frame assembly, hub motor, controller assembly, handlebar, forehead main body, midcabin instrument panel, front hub, brake disc, folding handle, front fork, front fork and front tube rotating parts, control bus, brake line.
B. The second.Accessories warranty for 6 months (non-human factors) : battery, charger, brake handle, handle, disc brake assembly, seat bag.
C. External parts warranty for 3 months (non-human factors) : headlight assembly, instrument cover, handle cover, rear lamp, foot support components, charging cable, front and rear tires.



2. Non-warranty regulations

Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accident, modification, incorrect use of accessories other than this product, or tear, alter labels, anti-counterfeiting labels;

A.The expiry date of three packages has been exceeded;

B.damage caused by force majeure;

C.It does not conform to the performance failure listed in the performance failure table of little magic car;

D. The product and its accessories have performance faults listed in the performance fault list of little magic car due to human reasons;

E.Damage caused by human causes (including but not limited to entering fluid, puncture, impact, marks and damage caused by normal use of appearance parts, etc.);

F. If this product is used for commercial use, it is not guaranteed.



3. The Magic Bike Performance failure table

The Magic Bike Performance failure table Performance failure
The Magic Bike The motor cannot work under normal use
The controller fails in normal use
The controller fails in normal use
Battery failure under normal use
Under normal use, deformation, fracture and so on can not continue to use
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