Folding electric scooter field shining star

With the continuous progress of domestic economic level, people's living standard is getting higher and higher. Many families have their own cars. But at the same time, with the increasing number of cars in the city, the traffic situation is becoming more and more serious, the speed is less than walking speed has become more and more common annoying phenomenon. As a result, the market for electric vehicle has increased rapidly. Electric vehicle industry in recent years in the field of travel is to make the limelight, folding electric scooter also great brilliance, more won the favor of many consumers and praise.

On January 16, 2019, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (miit) and the website of the national standards commission (NSCC) published the newly revised technical specifications for the safety of e-bikes, as well as the increasing efforts in many big cities to ban motorcycles in recent years, many e-bikes and illegal e-bikes will be eliminated. More environmentally friendly folding electric scooters have become the inevitable choice for many electric vehicle manufacturers to transform and upgrade.

In this expanding emerging wind, Guangdong MOMO Technology co., LTD. 's brand MOMO in folding electric scooter industry a sudden rise, made a good reputation in the market, is a folding electric scooter industry shining star. Today, I will take MOMO's product as an example to analyze the reason why folding electric scooters are so popular in the market:

One, light and foldable.General electric scooter volume is bigger, weight is in more than 100 KG, MOMO product The Magic Bike is very light, body weight only 9.9 kg, girls can easily lift; The height of the seat riser can be adjusted according to customers' preferences, the body can be folded quickly, and it will be very light and does not take up space when taking home or taking the elevator. It only takes up one fifth of the space when putting it in the trunk of a car.

Second, safety and convenient function.No matter what kind of travel products, safety is always the first, which is especially important for electric bicycles. Because the scooter is very small, prone to shaking instability, easy to fall, and other conditions, MOMO The Magic Bike in addition to considering lightweight, the wheel structure and the height of the seat is tested repeatedly. It can not only ensure that women's feet are placed in the most comfortable stretching state during cycling, but also make their feet land at any time. Moreover, the wheels are shockproof and the safety factor is greatly increased.Meanwhile,  MOMO The Magic Bike has a high-standard magnesium alloy body and shock absorbers.

In addition, MOMO The Magic Bike also in the market folding electric scooter function on the innovation of a lot of convenient functions: can be quickly removed a second lithium battery, body configuration of the internal charger, automatic photosensitive body night light... All are the gospel of lazy people, greatly improved travel and the convenience of life.

Three, fashion and cool .Take MOMO The Magic Bike for example, it adopts the golden spiral design, simple linear design and extremely beautiful proportion, and the embedded rechargeable battery design can be removed in a second to get rid of the cumbersome feeling of traditional electric scooters. titanium grey, pearl white and rose gold. Unique appearance design extremely rich sense of art and technology, out absolutely cool.

Finally, as the world's largest producer and seller of electric vehicles, China has more than 200 million electric vehicles. In the new travel environment, folding electric scooters will be more popular, which is also the development direction of green travel in the future. It's just getting started, and there's a lot to be done for the rising stars of folding electric scooters like MOMO The Magic Bike. 


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